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Rendex® Lightweight Modular Fencing


Rendex® lightweight modular fencing offers an elegant, high-end, solid, rendered, masonry look for customers.  Due to its lightweight construction, Rendex® offer a wide variety of design and customization options. These fences are made of polystyrene, coated with polymer modified render, and reinforced with alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh. They can be finished to almost any texture, colour, and coating required by customers.


Rendex® fences can be finished to almost any texture, colour, and coating required by customers. The base coat typically consists of two coats of base coat render 3-5mm thick. The top finishing coat can be almost any colour, providing a durable, crack-resistant finish.

The Rendex® fencing system is easy to install and consists of the Rendex® fencing panel 2400mm x 1200mm x 150mm with groves, secured between two 75mm x 75mm x 2.5mm galvinised steel posts, concreted into the ground. Achievable designs up to 2.4m high (STCC) with or without fence columns.


Key Benefits:

  • ​Great design flexibility

  • Lightweight

  • Quick and easy to install


Common uses include:

  • ​Front fences

  • Screen walls

  • Curved walls

  • Alfresco and courtyard areas

  • Feature walls and water

​With Rendex® Fencing System you are limited only by your imagination!

For more information about the Rendex® Lightweight Modular Fencing System download the latest Rendex® Fencing Brochure.

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