Following are just a few examples of where Wallmark acoustic and feature fencing products have benefited Australian homeowners.

Swimming Pool - Onkaparinga SA


Intent on creating an oasis at home for a growing family, our client planned resort style backyard with a large pool. The Local Council required that the wall/fence could not be climbed from the back to ensure the safety of children. This resulted in a 2700 high wall on his side. He was looking for something without costly foundations, able to DIY, retain soil, and that didn’t cost the earth!


The pictures tell the story. With the help of a Landscape designer he created his oasis with minimum fuss with the council and has a beautiful private sanctuary right in his own back yard. This one is a winner with the kids and their friends.



Nick had just finished a beautiful extension including a large outdoor entertaining area. With a 21st birthday on the horizon for his son the pressure was on. He wanted a solid panel to give the look of a masonry wall, which would withstand the rough and tumble of family life and contain noise. Especially for the big weekend - the neighbour didn’t like noise.......


Wallmark was the perfect solution and Nick and a friend were able to install the whole lot in 1 weekend and then get it rendered. Looks, feels and sounds like a masonry wall at a fraction of the cost and hassle!

South Australia ARG


Richard and his family renovated a lovely Tudor home in one of Adelaide’s leafy inner suburbs. One neighbour was a public tennis court which could be used until 9:00PM. With a beautiful house and outdoor entertaining area it just needed some way to make sure it wasn’t ever intruded on. It would require a substantial length and height to achieve this. On top of this they didn’t want to compromise the solid feel of the house or go way over their budget.


Urbanwall was able to offer a cost effective solution which blocked the sound effectively. Even with heights of up to 2400mm this was achieved within budget. With Adelaide’s notoriously reactive clay soils, having a system not affected by ground movement will be a big pay off in years to come.

*Information and photos provided in cooperation with Wallmark Smart Wall Solutions

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