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Wallmark Fences


Typically designed using a Wallmark Evowall, Urbanwall, or Terrawall, these walls are primarily used for acoustic sound control. Supporting posts and cappings are made from strong corrosion resistant aluminium. Optional heavy duty posts rated for high winds and cyclone areas are available, offering a unique range of different styling options.  These walls may be finished with a wide variety of coatings and colours.

Rendex (Prestige Wall Systems)

RendeX Fences


We commonly use Rendex lightweight modular fencing to achieve an elegant, high-end, solid, rendered, masonry look for customers.  Due to its lightweight construction, these fences offer a wide variety of heights, design contours, and other customization options. They can be finished to a very high standard using almost any texture, colour, and coating required by customers.

Custom Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls


Our retaining walls come in a wide variety of designs and materials.  Some are designed using a Wallmark Dunewall system, incorporating high strength steel posts with composite panels locked together by boltless keys. These and other types of retaining walls are are highly customisable, accomodating a wide variety of matierials and meeting special requirements such as dust control, acoustic protection, and security needs (i.e. razor wire holders, spikes).   



The DesignerWall® Modular Wall & Fence system consists of strong and durable, lightweight composite wall panels made from durable BlueScope® Steel encasing a lightweight acoustic core material.

DesignerWall® is available in either pre-painted Colorbond® colours or a unique ready coat primed surface for the easy application of texture coatings. to create a modern looking external fence, wall or acoustic barrier that is stylish and neighbour friendly.

Easily customise your design with steel slats, infills, lighting and gates,
transforming your backyard into a stylish outdoor entertainment area. In
addition, DesignerWall® provides a modern privacy fence for your front yard that is contemporary, secure and low maintenance. DesignerWall® is the perfect walling, barrier or fencing solution for level and sloping sites. Add value to your home with DesignerWall® next generation modular walling system.

For more information about the DesignerWall® Modular Wall & Fence system, please download the latest brochure.

Textures and Finishes


Our fencing and wall products can be finished with many different coating options and unlimited colours. Some popular styles are smooth two or three coat paint systems, roll or spray on textures and the panels can also be finished with trowel on render. Sacrificial anti-graffiti products are available for extra protection. We recommend you work with a professional painter to discuss the most suitable paint style for your desired outcome. All major paint brands can be applied.

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