Acousting and feature fencing can design and install any type of retaining wall to your exact finish and specifications. Following is a list of common types and materials we've used over the years.


Common Types:

  • ​Gravity wall

  • Sheet paling wall

  • Bored paling wall

  • Cantilever wall

  • Anchored wall


Common materials:

  • ​Concrete

  • Sleeper

  • Timber

  • Stone                           

  • Rendered

  • Prefabricated

  • ComboFence (render one side, paling other side)




Acoustic and Feature Fencing have rooted history in landscape design and implementation, long before taking on Wallmark and Rendex fencings into our service offering.  Having specialised years ago in landscape design, including designing and building retaining walls, today our traditional core retaining wall skills can still be seen popping up in and around the Melbourne area.


Dunewall installation is typically quick, done by digging a row of holes for footings to concrete the structural steel posts in one day and assembling the wall the next day. The smart modular design also delivers a crack free finish for the lifetime of your Dunewall.


Key Features

  • Cost Effective Alternative To Block Wall Systems

  • Pre-Engineered To 12m

  • Fast, Boltless Install

  • Excellent Sound Reduction

  • Craneless Panel Installation

  • Looks The Same From Both Sides


Strux Panel Upgrade Option

Engineered with high impact composite technology, Strux upgrades your barrier wall investment to withstand the hardest knocks, minimising damage and maximising the lifespan of your wall.

For more information about the Wallmark Dunewall system, please download the latest Wallmark Dunewall brochure.

*Dunewall Information and photos provided in cooperation with Wallmark Smart Wall Solutions

Wallmark Dunewall:

In addition to being well suited for commercial and industrial applications such as manufacturing, highway sound barriers, mining and construction sites, Acoustic and Feature Fencing commonly use the Wallmark Dunewall system for retaining walls. Posts are constructed from high strength steel and the composite panels are locked in place using Wallmark's patented boltless Centalok keys. Dunewall is modular, heavy duty, and highly customisable; making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional block walls.

Retaining Walls, End-to End Service:

Acoustic and Feature Fencing will work with you to design detailed plans for the perfect retaining wall that will not only be functional, but will make your home or business stand out with stylish design.  


We offer a complete range of services that we provide ourselves (not outsourced) to make your retaining wall project as easy as possible for you, including but not limited to design, project planning, demolition, site clearing, excavation, concreteing (we make our own on-site), ..., everything needed to streamline delivery and make your project a success!


Not sure where to start with your retaining wall?  Call us, and we'll give you some ideas to help get you started with a plan specfically tailored for your home or business.

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