WALLMARK Sleek, Modern Privacy Fences


Typically designed using a Wallmark Evowall, Urbanwall, or Terrawall, these walls are primarily used for acoustic sound control. Supporting posts and cappings are made from strong corrosion resistant aluminium. Optional heavy duty posts rated for high winds and cyclone areas are available, offering a unique range of different styling options.  These walls may be finished with a wide variety of coatings and colours.


The Wallmark Evowall, Urbanwall, and Terrawall fencing systems offer quick, hassle free, modular type installation. These systems may be finished to almost any colour, texture, and style. Best of all, these Wallmark products provide superior sound deadening properties, NATA tested and certified to AS 1191-2002

Wallmark Evowall

Evowalls make sense when space is tight, style is important, and privacy is important. The hard wearing acoustic wall panels safeguard you from noisy neighbours. A multitude of finishes can be easily applied including paint, render paint and render to achieve a first class finish of your choice. Slats, lighting, stone, letterboxes and more can be readily integrated for a striking contemporary finish.


Evowall Key Features:  

  • Cost effective for tight spaces 

  • Pre-Engineered To 2.4m

  • Non-corrosive pre-primed 100mm alloy posts/cappings

  • 10 year structural warranty


Evowall guarantees a sleek, modern privacy wall solution for discerning home and business owners. 


For more information about the Wallmark Evowall, download the latest Wallmark Evowall brochure.

Wallmark Urbanwall

The Urbanwall system brings style and sophistication to your property at a fraction of the cost of traditional block walls. Urbanwall’s 240mm pillar style post and cap system with sound deadening wall panels delivers a contemporary masonry feel to accentuate your property and shield you from noisy neighbours and watchful eyes. 


Urbanwall Key Features

  • Prestige Masonry Wall Styles

  • Pre-Engineered To 2.7m

  • Large 240mm Square Posts

  • Post And Wall Capping Choices


Urbanwall is built from quality Australian products to handle Australia’s harshest conditions. Spray, roll or render your Urbanwall to your colour pallet for a first class result and emphasise the details with clever lighting, slat or stone inlays to integrate with your designer landscape.

For more information about the Wallmark Urbanwall system, please download the latest Wallmark Urbanwall brochure.

Wallmark Terrawall

Pre-engineered to 4 metres in height to suit a range of wind regions, the innovative Terrawall system supercedes traditional block and tilt panel walls. Terrawall delivers a clean contemporary masonry style finish that is guaranteed to remain crack free for the lifetime of the wall. 


Terrawall Key Features:  

  • Pre-Engineered To 4m

  • No Rust - Modular Alloy Design

  • Fast, Hassle Free Installation

  • Craneless Panel Assembly & Minimal Site Disruption


Perfect for coastal locations, the anti-corrosive pre-primed 162mm alloy posts and cappings come with a 10 year structural warranty and are engineered for an extended maintenance free life. The Terrawall system can be sprayed, rolled or rendered in a range of finishes and colours including anti-graffiti paints for extra protection.


For more information about the Wallmark Terrawall system, please download the latest Wallmark Terrawall brochure.

*Information and photos provided in cooperation with Wallmark Smart Wall Solutions

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